Clayton Tupper

Clayton is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, born in southern Alaska.  His family moved to Washington State in 1996, where he has lived since.  As a child he was insatiably curious about most everything, constantly asking questions, tinkering, and dismantling mechanical objects.  After graduating from Western Washington University in 2010 with a B.A. in Psychology, he spent several years in a variety of industries including as a chef.  In 2017, he left his job as a chef to pursue blacksmithing full-time.  Over the past two years Clayton has learned from incredible mentors and has found a community through the Northwest Blacksmith Association (NWBA), a 501(c)(3), founded more than 40 years ago.  At present he serves on the NWBA board of directors and works full-time as a blacksmith in Ocean Shores, WA.

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